[hsflinux] Lockup on kernel 2.6.5

MadPenguin linuxmail2 at yahoo.com.au
Sat May 8 00:24:14 EDT 2004

Hi Marcus

I can confirm this hang on connect too - but only when
licensed and running at 56kbps.  Interestingly, I
accidentally hit connect before I licensed the driver,
AND IT WORKED FINE in FREE mode at 14Kbps (I'm sending
this email with it).  What else is disabled in Free
mode apart from the speed limitation?  Cheers


|  I'm using the latest HSF driver on Fedora Core 2
|  test2, kernel 2.6.5 (custom). It locks up the
|  every time I try to connect, during negotiation
|  the other end. Can anyone confirm the problem or
|  report success on this kernel version?
|  Marcus

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