[hsflinux] Conexant/riptide modem

John johnb51 at earthlink.net
Thu May 13 19:25:07 EDT 2004

I am currently using Mandrake 10.0 offical with kernel 2.6.3-7. I
downloaded both the drivers for the 5 and 9 version but neither seems
to work on conexant/riptide modem. I also noticed that there is no
driver for the riptide sound as was available in 9.2. Both modem and
sound worked great in 9.2 but cannot get either to work in 10. I ran
the hsfdiag but could not get it saved where I could send it on the
windows machine I am using temporarily until I can get the other
connected. Message on 2nd line was: FATAL:Module /dev/ttySHSF not
found.The driver version is 6.03.00lntxt04050800full. One other
message said: ERROR: hsf driver not active.I appreciate your efforts
and hope that something can be worked out.


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