[hsflinux] support for HSF USB modem with 0572:1300 and chip CX06836-11 ?

Gyokuran Shukaido gyokuran at gmx.de
Tue Aug 3 22:09:08 EDT 2004

Thanks for the fast answer!
The driver as such works, there are however some small issues with it that 
popped up immediately (I'll be able to do some extensive testing in about two 
- if I pick-up my phone the connection dies. I guess that's a problem with the 
MOH feature. I don't really need it and an interface in linux to handle it 
will probably take some time - so is there an option available to deactivate 
it completely?
- the leds on the modem (RxD,TxD) don't show any activity although there 
clearly is some

Keep up the good work guys! 

On Friday 30 July 2004 06:14, Marc Boucher wrote:
> Please try hsfmodem-6.03.00lnxt04072900 (just released on our web-site)
> or any subsequent version.
> It now supports HSF USB modems and will hopefully work with yours. Let
> us know the result.

> >> I've bought an ACER USB modem with the model id AMU-RE01.
> >> The VendorID:ProductID is 0572:1300.
> >> The chip inside is a Conexant CX06836-11.

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