[hsflinux] Pulse dialling

Peter Skensved peter at jay.phy.queensu.ca
Wed Aug 11 19:10:28 EDT 2004

  I just upgraded from a ( really ) old version ( 5.03.27 )
of the HSF mode software to the latest ( 6.03.00 ) and now
I am unable to use pulse dialing mode.  It sounds like it
is disconnecting at random intervals while dialing ( I hear
the dial tone coming on again every so often )

 Any suggestions for what I can do ? Anything I can tune/change ?

Tone dialing on the same hardware/software works fine. Pulse
dialing with the old driver has worked forever and still does.

 Dell 4100, RH9. 2.4.20-31.9 kernel, modem :

00:1f.6 Modem: Intel Corp. 82801CA/CAM AC'97 Modem (rev 01) (prog-if 00 [Generic])
        Subsystem: Conexant MD56ORD V.92 MDC Modem
        Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 0, IRQ 11
        I/O ports at d400 [size=256]
        I/O ports at dc00 [size=128]



Peter Skensved                          Email : peter at SNO.Phy.QueensU.CA
Dept. of Physics,
Queen's University,
Kingston, Ontario,

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