[hsflinux] hsfmodem driver and software suspend 2 conflict

Linuxant support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Thu Aug 12 16:56:50 EDT 2004


the compilation was successful but the script was unable to create all 
the required device files.

You probably no longer have enough available device major numbers in the 
range 240-249. Please send at support at linuxant.com the output of 
'dumpdiag'. Type the following in a root shell:

hsfconfig --dumpdiag

Just send us the generated file located in /tmp ('hsfdiag.txt').
It'll help us solve the problem.


Technical specialist / Linuxant
support at linuxant.com

Pat Double wrote:
> I am having problems using the hsfmodem driver and the kernel patches from the 
> Software Suspend 2 project: http://softwaresuspend.berlios.de/ . I can 
> compile the driver but when I run hsfconfig there is an error, please see the 
> last line in the snip below. I know you don't support patched kernels but I 
> was hoping to get some idea of where to start looking. The modem driver works 
> fine when the 2.6.7 kernel is patched for Win4Lin or using a vanilla 2.6.7 
> kernel.
> Thanks.
> --- snip ---
> Conexant HSF softmodem driver, version 6.03.00lnxt04072900full
> If you need license keys, assistance or more information, please go to:
>         http://www.linuxant.com/
> When reporting a problem for the first time, please send
> us the file generated by "hsfconfig --dumpdiag".
> No pre-built modules for: unknown-unknown linux-2.6.7-pat-r3 i686
> Trying to automatically build the driver modules...
> (this requires a C compiler and proper kernel sources to be installed)
> Where is the linux source build directory that matches your running kernel?
> [/lib/modules/2.6.7-pat-r3/build]
> Building modules for kernel 2.6.7-pat-r3, using source directory
> /lib/modules/2.6.7-pat-r3/build. Please wait...
> done.
> /usr/sbin/hsfconfig: Cannot find major device number for hsfdiag in range 
> 240-249
> --- snip ---

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