[hsflinux] modprobe of hsf modules brings system to its knees

Josh Green jgreen at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Aug 19 12:26:07 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-08-19 at 02:55, Jakob Schiotz wrote:
> I missed the start of this thread, so I do not know if the problem is the same 
> as the one I was seeing: loading the modules into the kernel (either by the 
> hotplugging daemon or manually) caused the modprobe module to use all 
> available ressources.
> The solution is to remove two lines from the modules.conf file, or, in the 
> case of Linux'es where said file is generated from files in a modules.d 
> directory then from hsf.* in this directory (you will then have to regenerate 
> modules.conf).  
> The lines to be removed are the two lines starting with probeall.  The 
> negative side effect is that accessing the modem device no longer causes the 
> modules to be loaded, so you have to ensure that it happens at boot time.  On 
> my Gentoo Linux laptop the PCI hotplugging daemon does this automatically.
> I am at work, so I cannot check the specific file and directory names, so some 
> of them may be slightly wrong.  In particular, I am in doubt about 
> modules.conf, there is also a modprobe.conf, and I may mix them up.  Just 
> grep for probeall in all files under /etc and subdirectories, and remove any 
> such line relating to the hsf modules.
> Also, please note that hsfconfig will reinsert the offending lines into the 
> files, so you have to remove them manually any time you have used hsfconfig.
> Good luck!
> /Jakob

Thanks for the info! This is exactly the same problem I am experiencing
and I also have a laptop with Gentoo. I'll give this a try with
confidence that it will likely work. The probeall lines in question are
in the file /etc/modules.d/hsf just to remind you. Thanks again!
	Josh Green

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