[hsflinux] modem problem

Samy H. Aly Hassan shaly at mans.edu.eg
Sat Sep 25 23:44:39 EDT 2004

First here is the information:
1-My modem is conexant HSF 56k HSFi
2-I use redhat 8, my kernel is 2.4.18-14, my machine is i686 and hardware platform is 1
is i386
3-I downloaded  hsfmodem-6.03.001..._k2.4.18-14-1rh.i686 rpm.zip
4-I opened kppp and chose the following device options : /dev/ttys0, flow control xon/xoff, line termination CR/LF and connection speed 115200
5- modem connections are: initializing string0=ATZ, initializing string1 is blanck,
no dile tone detection: ATX3.
6- Query modem : passed AT1 to AT7 (100%), the qurey list is blanck
7-when I pressed the connect button the message was : modem ready then initializing modem but NO dialing sound and NO connection to browser
8- the files ttySHSF0 and modem in /dev and both have a question mark. I checked their properties: they are of unknown type and have zero volum.
How can I solve this connection problem ?
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