[hsflinux] hsfconfig configuration dissapears!!

Andy andy_waz1 at compaqnet.se
Fri Oct 22 01:02:05 EDT 2004


I recently installed the driver under Mandrake 10.1 community in a
laptop Compaq presario 1200.It is working fine but the problem is that
as soon as i reboot my system all the configuration disappears,then i
have to run hsfconfig -a again to tell the system where to find the
modules and the modem.

I checked the scripts in init.d and rc and they should do this work for
me but they do not.

I think it may be a problem in the message i took from the followed

Note: kernel module snd-intel8x0m temporarily disabled, conflicts with
hsfmc97ic h
Now the results of runnig hsfconfig -a in my system.

After i do this it is working fine again.

Is it safe to send the results of hsfconfig --dump to this address?

[root at localhost andy_waz]# hsfconfig -a
Conexant HSF softmodem driver, version 6.03.00lnxt04082400full

If you need license keys, assistance or more information, please go to:

When reporting a problem for the first time, please send
us the file generated by "hsfconfig --dumpdiag".

Warning: existing driver modules found under:

Pre-built driver modules that seem compatible with your system were
found under

Setting region for modem unit 0: "SWEDEN"

To change, use "hsfconfig --region" or "AT+GCI=<T35code>"
The current region can be displayed by entering "ATI9" in a terminal

Setting license for modem unit 0:
"andy_waz1 at compaqnet.se/9A-77-71-...continues with serial number."

<<<<<<A problem here?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Note: kernel module snd-intel8x0m temporarily disabled, conflicts with
hsfmc97ic h


Current parameters: ("hsfconfig --info")

Config for modem unit 0: /dev/ttySHSF0
        Device instance: 0-PCI-14f1:2013-0e11:b196
        HW revision    : Basic2 2.15 Standard DAA
        HW profile name: hsfpcibasic2
        Registration ID: 15F6-15E6-85DC
        License owner  : andy_waz1 at compaqnet.se
        License key    : 9A-77-71......continues with serial number
        License status : OK
        Current region : SWEDEN (T.35 code: 00A5)

The /dev/modem alias (symlink) points to /dev/ttySHSF0

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