[hsflinux] Kernel Panic [Gentoo 2.6.7] while installing Modules

Hans Mÿfffffffffffcller krieger2005 at yahoo.de
Mon Nov 1 18:01:18 EST 2004


I use the latest TAR.GZ-Package of the HSF-Drivers and
Gentoo 2.6.7-r? Kernel.

When i want install the drivers i get Kernel Panic. It
compiles all fine but then the setup tries to install the
modules. Here i get the Kernel Panic.

When i reboot my pc and try then to install the modules by
hand (because gentoo does not have /etc/runlevels and i
don't know how to do that) with "hsfconfig --rcstart" then
"top" show me 98% usage of "modprobe". After 5 Minutes i
reboot my PC.

I try it several times with the same result...

"hsfconfig --dump..." give me the same result like
"hsfconfig --rcstart": 98% CPU-Usage of modprobe.

Please help me.


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