[hsflinux] No DNS after modem connect

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Fri Dec 3 15:54:13 EST 2004


you could take a look at your '/etc/resolv.conf' file to see if it was 
updated by your dialing program. You could also take a look at the logs 
of the dialing program, it is possible that there is an error message 
there that might help you to find the cause of the problem.

Finally, you could try with another dialing program to see if there is a 


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Gary Robinson wrote:
> I'm using the hsfmodem driver with a Dell D600 laptop, & FC3.  It seems 
> to install, configure and dial just fine, but after I connect to my ISP, 
> no DNS will work.  I think I have the connect configured to 
> automatically get all DNS & IP settings from my ISP, & indeed, I can 
> ping my ISP and other net resources....just can't get to them in a 
> browser with a name (i.e.....www.linuxant.com just won't work).
> Any ideas anyone ?
> Thanks in advance,
> - Gary -
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