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Mon Dec 6 16:04:46 EST 2004


the problem is that you already have a driver loaded for the modem, this 
is why you have the 'no device found' error message. The driver is not a 
module as we can't find the problematic module in the output of the 
'lsmod' command but we can see that there is a modem driver loaded since 
we can see the following lines in your 'dmesg' :

ALSA device list:
   #0: Intel 82801DB-ICH4 Modem at 0x2400, irq 11

This means that the driver was compiled in the kernel. You will have to 
re-compile your kernel without compiling in your kernel the module named 
'snd-intel8x0m'. After you have re-compiled your kernel, please also 
re-compile the HSF driver with the following command in a root shell :

hsfconfig --kernel


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Cooldude wrote:
> hi,
> now after editiong the lines in modsoar.. now the modules seem to load
> properly but it now shows that the device is not detected.. i am still
> using the standard version pof module-init-tools
> heres my dumpdiag..i must appreciate the hardwork done by you guys.
> alsoa i am still using gentoo 2004.3 and do i have to install
> applications like pp, dhcpd to get the modem working.. it would be gr8
> if u would tell me which applications(packages) are essential for the
> modem to get detected and work properly
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