[hsflinux] Lockups with hsfmodem_7.18.00full on 2.4.18

Chris Vine chris at cvine.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Dec 18 21:59:58 EST 2004

On Friday 17 December 2004 20:50, Thomas White wrote:

> Actually, I've side-stepped the whole issue by moving to a 2.6.9 kernel.
>  This is an unpatched vanilla (kernel.org) kernel.  Unfortunately, I
> seem to be finding similar problems. Just now, when trying to reconnect
> the modem after an unexpected disconnection, the system didn't quite
> lock up but became very unresponsive with the proces"khsfd/modem"(nice
> value-20) running with 100% CPU usage.  My system log contains the
> following cryptic message for that moment:
> Dec 17 20:29:12 taw27 kernel: 0020270.084: <7>^^^^^ SPIKE_NOT_FOUND
> ^^^^^^ LoopBackSpikeThreshold=-7000
> Before changing kernel, I also noticed one lockup with the 2.4.18 kernel
> without the low-latency patch (but still with the preempt patch).
> I'll try 2.6.9 with preempt turned off over the next few days, but
> hopefully that information might be of use in the meantime.

I have had the same with stock kernels for some time (I don't know how long it 
goes back, but I think it may also have occurred with the 2.4 kernel).  The 
only solution to retain sanity is to reboot.  This is a bug in the driver.


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