[hsflinux] problem with last driver for Linux AMD64 : "general protection fault" from kernel

patheve2 patheve2 at tele2.fr
Sat Jan 8 22:01:41 EST 2005


It was suggested me to test an other kernel in the case of the previous 
problem. Well,
it seems difficult for me to do this. I use kernels made only by SuSE 
and I  can't install
an other one due to the fact that my graphic card (nVidia 5650) required 
a driver compiled
with a given kernel (for me it seems not possible to compile for a 
second installed kernel).
So I hope a next kernel from SuSE > 2.6.8-24.5 ! Which kernel is used by 
other users ?

I found an other when I tried to send a mail with Mozilla-mail 1.7.3. It 
seems to
appear when the mail contains plenty of characters or joined files. In 
the case of
a very short mail, that's OK. Hereafter the message delivred by system 
in a window :

KWrited - Ecoute le peripherique /dev/pts/0
Message from syslogd at snidre at Thu Dec 30 00:33:18 2004 ...
snidre kernel: general protection fault: 0000 [1]                       

After, the connection does no more work and I can't establish an other 
one. During
logout, a message : "hsfmc97ich in use". One of the HSF modules seems to 
be blocked.

This is a curious event, isn't it :-) ? How explains this ?

Kind regards


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