[hsflinux] Current HSF modem does voice already

osedda at adesso.za.net osedda at adesso.za.net
Thu Jan 27 03:08:12 EST 2005

Dear Johnathan.

I wrote you yesterday about voice on the HSF2i modems that I have and you said that the driver does not support voice but here is the funny thing. 

I currently have 2 machines running these modem with a half baked solution that works 80% of the time. It calls and records no problem. I would love to tell you how they did it but the code is encrypted and thus I have no access as to how they actually made this work. What I can tell you is that when it breaks.. which it does every now and then it reports that a modprobe on sound_slot_0 has fatal errors and the some Fax managment component is also having errors. So I guess it's a hack with some of these components. The solution uses PHP, that is all I know for sure.

The machines in question runs kernel 2.6.5-1.358 {FC2} with the modem driver hsfmodem-6.03.001nxt04111500full

So it seems that the older driver does allow fo some way to actually have the voice capability... yet the new one does not.. this makes no sense... 

Could you give me some kind of time frame for the voice support on the new driver, i would not mind being a beta tester, but need to get the new solution finished ASAP.. 

Kind Regards

Willem P Botha

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