[hsflinux] hsf fmodem

Benjamin J Norton boondog at ptd.net
Mon Jan 31 17:59:58 EST 2005

I have a hsf modem running mandrake 10.1 i installed the driver and 
attempted to use it but right when its athenticating my user and pass it 
disconnects. before this driver i was unable to do anything with my 
modem... id like to use the driver but i dont want to pay for a full 
license only to find it still wont connect and worse still... right now 
i have to keep putting the modem into a windows machine to get back 
online to get to your website.... the modem definatley functions the 
modem i was wondering if possible my isp doesnt support 14.4kps connects 
and that might be why, i am sure my user and pass are correct, maybe the 
authentication protocals need to be setup correctly but i dont know 
anything about that, any help would be appreciated. thanks .b

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