[hsflinux] HSF Red Hat 9.0 not making or accepting calls

Linuxant support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Mon May 9 14:30:02 EDT 2005


according to the dump you have provided, you have installed the right 
package for your modem and kernel. The right country seems to be 
selected as well (AUSTRALIA). You can change this value, if needed, with 
the 'hsfconfig --country' command in a root shell.

Since the 'ATX3' init. string doesn't fix the problem, it is possible 
that the problem is related to IRQ routing in your kernel. You can test 
this possibility with this simple test. Please use a terminal program 
such as 'minicom' to control the modem. In 'minicom' send the following 
commands to the modem :


Then leave 'minicom' open in this state. With another terminal, please 
use the command 'watch cat /proc/interrupts'. If you see that the number 
of interrupts received increase quite fast (about 150 interrupts/sec) 
for the IRQ of the modem which is 3 according to the dump you have 
provided, then the problem is not related to IRQ routing. Otherwise, the 
problem is likely related to IRQ routing. Please report the result of 
this test to support at linuxant.com if you require more assistance.


Technical specialist / Linuxant
support at linuxant.com

Jon Bolton wrote:
> Hi
> I am trying to get a connexant modem working with an IBM x346 eServer
> without any luck
> I have tried the automated install, which says it completed successfully.
> I then tried the Linux RH9.0 RPM 2.4.20-8 which reported errors with depmod
> and didn't install
> I then installed the binaries which appear to have worked but still I do not
> get proper functionality
> I am using minicom to test the modem connectivity and current I am able to
> force answer calls using ATA, modem answers but then just sits there and
> doesn't try to connect. When I try making a call, I get No dial tone
> reported, I try the ATX3 thing to no avail.
> Any suggestions?
> I have attached the dump
> Cheers Jon Bolton
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> ADTEC Communications
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