[hsflinux] My machine locks up when I try to install modem driver...

Scott Weed scottweed at gmail.com
Thu May 12 15:48:07 EDT 2005

I'm pretty new to Linux, and have installed mandrake 10.1. I am on a Dell 
Inspiron 5150 with a Conexant modem. I verified my kernel version by typing 
uname -r per the instructions on the website, and downloaded the driver file. When I try to install the .rpm via the 
console, my machine totally locks up and I have to power down and boot in 
again. If I click on the .rpm file to install, same results. I've tried also 
running the cnxtinstall.run file. If I do this it says removing the driver 
is necessary before installing it, so it makes me think that the driver was 
installed by the .rpm. When it gets to the point of installing the driver 
again after uninstalling it, it locks the machine again. 

I am using Kppp to try to query the modem, /dev/modem (/dev/ttySHSF0 does 
not exist in the list), but it says "unable to open modem". Thanks for any 
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