[hsflinux] n400 exceeded, DNS lost

Daniel White kd5rrj at m5m.org
Wed Jun 1 14:37:40 EDT 2005


I have been experiencing this same problem and tried these init strings.

The first didn't work, the second did prevent the modem from hanging up, but now there is another issue, i think related.

It seems I am loosing the DNS after the same amount of time as before when the modem would stall out and then loose connection.
But now instead of hanging up, it stays connected, but the connection is stalled, no email transfers, no webpage transfers.

I manually entered the DNS numbers, but the problem still exists.

So the init string did prevent the hangup, but did not solve the real problem.  I suppect it was hanging up because it had lost the DNS.

Any suggestions??


Jonathan wrote:


the most likely source of the problem is the presence of the 'n400 
exceeded' message in the lastcallstatus file. Io fix this problem, 
please try to use the following init. string:

AT &F \N5

If it doesn't work, please try this one instead:

AT &F \N0


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