[hsflinux] Missing those handshake sounds.

Alan Davidson alan at dsv.su.se
Mon Aug 1 10:52:59 EDT 2005

I have recently upgraded my kernel (under Debian Sarge) to 2.6.8 and 
incurred a number of udev related problems. Thankfully, most of my 
hsfmodem problems were solved with the 6.03.00lnxt04072900full release. 
However, I am not getting the handshake sounds any more, and I miss them.

I followed the instructions in the FAQ. They are (utimately):"examine 
the /usr/sbin/hsfdcpd script". Hmmm... Does that mean examine its  
behaviour or its contents?

Running it gives me:
"/usr/sbin/hsfdcpd: can't open /dev/hsfdcp0 at /usr/sbin/hsfdcpd line 62."
and right enough there is no such device.
Looking at the script is not very enlightening. There are no helpful 
comments and it is not easy to tell what the FAQ advice means I should 
do once I have examined it! It does however appear that this hsfdcp 
device is critical for the script to work.

So can anyone tell me what the device is and where it comes from, i.e. 
how I can create such a device with udev?


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