[hsflinux] hsflinux and hcflinux together

Linuxant support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Mon Aug 22 18:42:08 EDT 2005


'/dev/modem' is a symlink to a modem device. Since you have both the HSF 
and the HCF PCI drivers installed, '/dev/modem' will point to one of the 
2 devices.

Instead of using the symlink, configure your dialing program(s) to use 
the devices directly. The first HSF modem device will be '/dev/ttySHSF0' 
and the first HCF PCI modem will be '/dev/ttySHCF0'.


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z.a.kaleta wrote:
> I have two modems one run under hsflinux and second under hcflinux driver. 
> When I install drivers both of them try to use /dev/modem point.
> How to force them to use one /dev/modem and /dev/modem0?
> I use debian packages form linuxant site.

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