[hsflinux] Problem with license after upgrade

Meir Kriheli meir at mksoft.co.il
Tue Aug 23 13:53:30 EDT 2005


I have a licensed version of hsf drivers for linux. Ubuntu hoary on a
compaq laptop. Last night I've upgraded to Breezy, which includes a
kernel upgrade.

I've downloaded and installed an updated package -
hsfmodem_7.18.00.05full_i386.deb.zip (used before).

During the config process it asks me for the license key,I entereed it,
but looks like it's not accepted, and now it operates in free mode
(which is a problem, since I use it mainly for faxes).

I've noticed that the Registration ID reported on screen changed and is
different from the one I used to have before.

Any ideas ?

Meir Kriheli

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