[hsflinux] general protection fault

almalaci almalaci at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 20:26:42 EDT 2005


In the 2005 first quarter of hsflinux I read a message with the topic:
"[hsflinux] problem with last driver for Linux AMD64 : "general protection
fault" from kernel"

This problem didn't seem to get solved on the hsflinux pages and I couldn't
email "patheve 2" who posted the email. I have the same problem and I guess
Jonathan, the technical specialist has a lot to sort out, that's why I
haven't got a reply.
Could anyone help me track down that thread or give me any hint?
 After a couple of minutes online with the hsf driver, I get this error

KWrited - Listening on device /dev/pts/0
Message from syslog at linux at ...
linux kernel: general protection fault: 0000 [1]

My system completely freezes, so i couldnt found anything out, it only
reacts to a hard reboot.
I've also some troubles with the APIC if that has anything to do with it.

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