[hsflinux] Problem with hsf modem driver on Fedora 4

Stephan Gatzka Stephan.Gatzka at inf.tu-dresden.de
Fri Dec 9 11:42:12 EST 2005


I have an IBM/Lenove Thinkpad T43p running the latest kernel from 
Fedora, and therefore I also installed the latest hsf modem driver rpm.

The kernel version is 2.6.14-1.1644_FC4,
the driver package is 

When booting the machine I got the folliwing error message while 
initializing audio:
/usr/sbi/hsfdcpd: can't open /dev/hsfdcp0 at /usr/sbin/hsfdcpd line 64

When the laptop is completes booting, I can see /dev/hsfdcp0.

Could it be that there are some udev issues so that the device file is 
not there when executing /usr/sbi/hsfdcpd?

The second problem I have is that with the newest version I can not here 
any dial sound, the previous versions made some noise. :-)

Any suggestions how to fix this?

Best regards,


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