[hsflinux] hsfmodem doesn't respond on Debian with Linux 2.6.14

Nate Bargmann n0nb at networksplus.net
Wed Dec 14 06:11:10 EST 2005

* Guerreiro da Luz <g.da.luz at gmail.com> [2005 Dec 14 01:16 -0600]:
> On 12/13/05, Nate Bargmann <n0nb at networksplus.net> wrote:
> > When I shut minicom down, the previous behavior returns--kppp
> > immediately says "modem not responding" and pppd/chat times out.
> Same here if I exit from minicom using Ctrl-A X sequence, in which
> case minicom is resetting modem.  However, if I exit from minicom
> using Ctrl-A Q sequence (without resetting modem), modem works
> normally with kppp afterwards.

I will keep that in mind and try that.  Thanks!

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