[hsflinux] Cannot get modem work with KPPP.

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Mon Apr 3 17:14:20 EDT 2006


for the pppd problem, can you try with another dialing program to see if 
there is a difference? You could also try to use a low level 
communication software like 'minicom' to see if the problem is with the 
modem driver or not.

When the problematic version of ALSA will be added in the official Linux 
kernel, we will provide patches for these problems, if any. In the 
meantime, with the generic packages of the HSF modem driver, we provide 
the source code which is close to the kernel. You can always change that 
code to support your custom kernel with ALSA 1.0.11RC4.


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hufh wrote:
> Hi,
> I have already compiled and installed the driver(Free version). Also 
> /dev/modem can be queried via kppp client. but when connected to ISP 
> with kppp, some error occurred. it reported "pppd has died, and the 
> connection can't be established. I suspected I used too high 
> speed(57600bps), so i changed modem to 9600bps, but the problem still 
> exists.
> Another issue is the driver is incompatible with ALSA 1.0.11RC4 which my 
> sound card need it. Is there any plan to address this issue? Thanks a lot.
> BTW: I am using kernel 2.6.16.
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