[hsflinux] hsfmodem module & 2.6.16-1.2080_FC5 problems

Tony Crouch acrouch2 at une.edu.au
Mon Apr 17 12:10:05 EDT 2006

Hi all, 
I have emailed linuxant support with regards to this matter and a few
others similar like it. But as yet haven't received a reply. Thought I
might see if something, for the time being, could be sought through this

After installing the hsfmodem module for my system yesterday (and I have
experienced this with the last FC4 kernels I used, I am currently
running FC5).

My system is: 
> [tony at localhost ~]$ uname -a
> Linux localhost.localdomain 2.6.16-1.2080_FC5 #1 Tue Mar 28 03:38:34 EST 2006 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

The relevant modem output of /sbin/lspci -v is pasted in quoted style below:
> [tony at localhost ~]$ cat lspci-output
> 00:08.0 Modem: ALi Corporation M5457 AC'97 Modem Controller (prog-if 00 [Generic])
>         Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Unknown device 0850
>         Flags: medium devsel, IRQ 10
>         Memory at d0001000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=4K]
>         I/O ports at 1400 [size=256]
>         Capabilities: <access denied>

The error messages which occurred during the boot process and ultimately meant the machine
would not boot at all. I was forced to boot into an old kernel and uninstall the hsfmodem module.

I was unable to paste these error messages into this email, for some unknown reason. As I am guessing
this mailing list will not accept attachments. I have uploaded my error messages at the following address:


Any ideas, help or insight anyone could provide would be most helpful.

Thanks for your time.

Tony Crouch.

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