[hsflinux] Broken pulse dialing in 7.47

Nickolay V. Shmyrev nshmyrev at yandex.ru
Fri May 12 05:58:16 EDT 2006


I am using hsfmc97ich on Thinkpad R50e in Russia (00B8 region)

I've meet the following problem with hsfmodem- Pulse dialing
stopped working when I've upgraded from The pulses became
not clicks but rather continguous tones. Thus remote modem doesn't pick
up line. It's not constant behavior, sometimes it dials as usual and
connects to the provider, but it's very rare case.

I have met this problem on FC4 with kernel 2.6.11 and I just returned
back to 7.18, but now after upgrade to FC5/2.6.15 older 7.18 doesn't
compile  anymore. I've managed to create the following workaround: I
installed 7.47, then I replaced binaries in
/usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/imported with older binaries from 7.18. After
that I've rebuilded driver and it begin to work. Since binaries goes
without source, further investigation is not possible.

I'm attaching diag file so any help is appreciated.

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