[hsflinux] Re: Latest HSF driver doesn't work [eid-20060516-3bf]

Hannes Kuhnert post at hannes-kuhnert.de
Wed May 17 11:20:34 EDT 2006

Linuxant support (Jonathan) schrieb:
> we have generated the following license for version 6.x of the driver:
> [...]

Thanks for the support!

> We are aware of the cpu_khz problem and a fix for this problem will be
> provided in the future. Did you correctly replaced this value?

Yes, I replaced it by 400000, which stands for 400MHz.

When the dialer dials, I only get a continous tone or nothing from the modem. 
When I perform a test with AT&F and ATH1, the number of IRQ doesn't rise.

> Please read the following information related to HCF USB modems, it can
> be found in the HCF FAQ:
> [...]

I could have checked the FAQ before asking ...


Hannes Kuhnert

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