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Tue Jul 25 15:41:03 EDT 2006


by the presence of the following warning messages:

/usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/cnxthwpci_common.c:86: warning: implicit 
declaration of function `pm_register'
/usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/cnxthwpci_common.c:86: warning: assignment 
makes pointer from integer without a cast
/usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/cnxthwpci_common.c:137: warning: implicit 
declaration of function `pm_unregister'

you are probably not using the latest version of the HSF modem driver 
that you can download at:


The latest version of the driver does support the 2.6.16.x kernel and 
will probably compile without any problems on the kernel you are using.

In the latest version, you will probably get the same warning about the 
architecture and it can be safely ignored. This known problem is likely 
to be solved in the next release of the driver.


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Hans Meine wrote:
> Hi!
> I just upgraded my kernel, and independently finally realized that slmodem is 
> not the right driver for my modem (it would happily load & run, maintaining a 
> device, answer AT commands, but eventually say "NO DIALTONE" when trying an 
> ATDT).
> Now I wanted to try hsflinux, I even considered buying the full version for 
> sending faxes (although I do that only ocasionally, so I don't know if it's 
> worth it) and show my appreciation for the driver development, but I cannot 
> get the kernel module to compile. :-(
> Is this a known problem with the latest kernel or some Gentoo-specific problem 
> (I don't think it's the latter, because Gentoo usually contains very few 
> patches but installs mostly-vanilla software)?  I see 
> that "uname --hardware-platform" returns "unknown" here, which makes the 
> Makefile complain ("uname --machine" gives "i686"), but I don't think that 
> this is related to the syntax error happening with MODULE_PARM:
>   CC [M]  /usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/osnvm.o
> /usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/osnvm.c:32: error: syntax error before string 
> constant
> /usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/osnvm.c:32: warning: type defaults to `int' in 
> declaration of `MODUL
> /usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/osnvm.c:32: warning: function declaration isn't a 
> prototype
> /usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/osnvm.c:32: warning: data definition has no type or 
> storage class
> make[2]: *** [/usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/osnvm.o] Error 1
> I attach both the buildlog and the (gzipped) hsfdiag files.  You can also find 
> some minimal information about my scanModem output here:
> http://kogs-www.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/~meine/thinkpad#the-modem
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>     /  / ANS                                                  ooo
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