[hsflinux] Dmix stops working

Novensiles divi Flamen noven at sincorp.org
Fri Jul 28 14:57:44 EDT 2006

I have an intel-hda STAC9200 inside an Inspiron 6400.

I am using 2.6.17-r2 kernel with gentoo and suspend2 patches.

In kernel Alsa version 1.0.11

My problem is that since installing the modem driver and using your indel-hda 
modules dmix no longer works. .asoundrc should no longer be needed to enable 
dmix, according to the alsa site if it doesn't work it is a bug.  
http://alsa.opensrc.org/.asoundrc .

So before I go playing around with a .asoundrc is this a known bug with your 
module or should it work as is? 

If it is a known issue what settings need to be in the .asoundrc to enable the 
modem to continue functioning properly?

- Noven
-- Novensiles divi Flamen
>-- Miles Militis Fons --<
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