[hsflinux] Redhat Enterprise 4 deadlock with cnxthsf_OsFloatSuffix error

Michel Prevenier Michel.Prevenier at achmeavastgoed.nl
Wed Sep 20 17:02:55 EDT 2006


After installing the full version of the HSF driver the system completely 
hangs after a while.

I tried the 2.6.9-24.0.2.EL.stk16smp kernel but that doesn´t solve the 
The modems (I use 3 HSF modems in this system) are working correctly as 
long as the system stays up.

In /var/log/messages I noticed these messages:

cnxthsf_OsFloatSuffix: Id=9 used bit was FALSE !

Id can have different values (1,4,7,2 etc.).

I use the modems in a Hylafax configuration. Even when de modems aren´t 
active the system deadlocks after a while and the only option is to hard 
boot the machine.
When I remove the HSF drivers the systems stays up.

Any idea´s ?



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