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since the HSF driver replaces the snd-hda-intel and snd-hda-codec 
modules of your kernel in order to support Conexant HDA modems and these 
modules are also used for HDA sound devices, a conflict is always 
possible. However, there is currently no known cases where this 
replacement did affect the modem but a few users have reported that it 
did negatively affect their HDA sound device. These sound problems are 
under investigation at the moment.

There is no known problematic kernel options that could be the source of 
the problem you currently have with the driver.


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Rob Carruthers wrote:
> thank you for your reply,
> although i see your point that a kernel upgrade as well as a driver 
> upgrade could cause problems, i was using the modem successfully under 
> the same kernel (and only a slightly earlier version of the driver) just 
> a couple of days ago, which suggests that it is something to do with my 
> driver configuration or kernel configuration. i also have an Intel HDA 
> sound card through which i can hear the modem getting stuck, but could 
> it be this (or its driver) that is causing a conflict? also, are there 
> any kernel options that are required by the modem driver or that are 
> known to cause conflict?
> thanks in advance.
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