[hsflinux] Best Data "Smart One" USB modem with Conexant chipset

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no, the USB ID is a pair of 32-bit values, generally written in 
hexadecimal and separated by a colon (:). For example, the list of 
currently supported USB IDs by version of the HSF driver is 
the following:

# USB ID 0572:1300
# USB ID 0572:1301
# USB ID 0572:1302
# USB ID 0572:1303
# USB ID 08E3:0111 (Olitec Speed'Com USB V92 Ready)
# USB ID 0803:1300 (Zoom Telephonics USB V.92)

Under Linux, you can see these values with the 'lsusb' command in a root 
shell when the device is attached to the machine. It is possible that 
under Windows, you will be able to obtain these values with the Control 

The HSF driver requires a license to be able to unlock the full speed of 
the driver. These licenses can be purchased with the help of our Web 
Store at:


The current price of the licenses is mentioned on that page.


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David J Bush wrote:
> Thanks very much for your help.
> | The modem have a good chance to be based on a Conexant HSF chipset but I 
> | can't confirm that it will be supported by the HSF driver without the 
> | USB ID of the modem.
> FCC #
> FN6USA-33445-M5-E
> Is that what you mean?
> | You could try with the HSF driver that you can download at: ...
> That driver and installer are intended for Linux. I don't have Linux yet.
> I noticed that webpage said in the "agreement" clause, number 7:
>   "Public networks currently limit download speeds to about 53Kbps.
>    The free version of the drivers is limited to 14.4Kbps.
>    Actual speeds vary and are often less than the maximum possible."
> Do I have to pay for a driver that will download at 56K? How much?
> Just to be redundant, here is the information from my previous post.
> The largest chip on the board says:
> SMARTV.90+
> CX81801-34
> E945703.1
> 0312      MEXICO
> A smaller chip says:
> CX11253-11P
> K19714.2
> 0310       KOREA
> On the PC board it says:
> WK294VO
> 0308
> 56USB92
> P/N 10194
>                0303
> David
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