[hsflinux] hsf softmodem / intel sound driver not unloading properly

Dieter Jurzitza dieter.jurzitza at t-online.de
Sat Mar 3 20:40:19 EST 2007

Dear Listmembers,
I installed the drivers for my modem:


from linuxant; I used hsfmodem- what 
(nearly) works. I saw the latest version published and would like to ask some 
questions here:

the above mentioned driver has ugly issues with unloading when doing a suspend 
to ram / suspend to disk operation. If kmix is running the sound driver you 
provide does not unload and hangs the system when going to sleep.
I found a workaround by killing kmix and restarting it always, but this is not 
the way how things ought to work. This behaviour is annoying. Now I saw more 
"up to date" drivers on the distribution, has this issue been fixed / is this 
issue known?

You can see this behaviour from the file I attached (hsfdiag.txt.bz2). The 
intel sound driver does not unload.

Many thanks for your support.
Take care

Dieter Jurzitza


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