[hsflinux] hsf softmodem / intel sound driver not unloading properly

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Mon Mar 5 16:29:44 EST 2007


you can always try with the latest version of see if there is 
improvement of the suspend feature on your specific setup without using 
the workaround you have described.

We are aware of suspend issues and we hope that these issues will be 
fixed in a future version of the driver.


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Dieter Jurzitza wrote:
> Dear Listmembers,
> I installed the drivers for my modem:
> SOFT=8086:27d8
> Codec=HSF
> VendorID=0x14f12bfa
> CODECp=14f1
> COD=
> HDA=1
> IDENT=hsfmodem
> from linuxant; I used hsfmodem- what 
> (nearly) works. I saw the latest version published and would like to ask some 
> questions here:
> the above mentioned driver has ugly issues with unloading when doing a suspend 
> to ram / suspend to disk operation. If kmix is running the sound driver you 
> provide does not unload and hangs the system when going to sleep.
> I found a workaround by killing kmix and restarting it always, but this is not 
> the way how things ought to work. This behaviour is annoying. Now I saw more 
> "up to date" drivers on the distribution, has this issue been fixed / is this 
> issue known?
> You can see this behaviour from the file I attached (hsfdiag.txt.bz2). The 
> intel sound driver does not unload.
> Many thanks for your support.
> Take care
> Dieter Jurzitza
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