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Artem Polyakov artpol84 at ngs.ru
Tue Apr 17 16:45:34 EDT 2007

Hi ALL!!!
I have subject device.
Found that linuxant HSF driver is one I need.
I download and install FREE version.
To dial my remote machine I use wvdial.
When I dial from Windows OS (I have 2 OS on my PC) - all is OK. Modems
connects with each other and I can work.
When I reboot in Linux (FC3) I have problem:
When I set up my wvdial and run it modem starts to call, then remote end
answers, then they start to fizz ( or spit - i dont know actually :) - I
mean start negotiation BUT connection unexpectedly breakes.
I tried to tune +MS params, but fased strange thing:
In my Win OS I have such answer:
BUT on Linux I have only
B103,B212,V21,V22,V22B,V23C,V32,V32B !!!!
So maybe that's it??????

Well a think that linuxant driver sufficiently restrict functionality in
comparision with Win-driver.
How can I go through this?

С Уважением, Поляков Артем
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