[hsflinux] HSF as a fax answers the phone but doesn't beep

Harvey Coward harvey at mortgage-advice-centre.co.uk
Wed Apr 18 13:48:44 EDT 2007

Hi Jonathan

In message <46251912.6050406 at linuxant.com>, "Linuxant support 
(Jonathan)" <support at linuxant.com> writes
>can you please elaborate on the fact that the driver would not keep the 
>country setting? For example, when exactly the country setting is 
>discarded? After reloading the kernel modules, after a reboot, etc... 
>The expected way to set the country is with the 'hsfconfig --country' 
>command in a root shell.
I would set it in a shell root to UK (from US), it seemed to keep the 
setting (using hsconfig --info).

Then I would reboot and if I went into hsfcong --info again it would be 
show as US again

I have since reinstalled the driver. First time around I was unable to 
use the website RPM build and installed from source. This time I had 
additional dependencies added and installed from the website.

That problem now seems to have gone.

>The warning related to hsfdcpd can be safely ignored if you do not have 
>a sound card in your system. I doubt that it is the source of the 
>problem you have with the driver.
I am ignoring it, and bizarrely it only seems to appears intermittently 

>If the phone line was picked up, it is quite possible that it was the 
>FAX server doing that so a log file can likely be generated and this 
>file could really help us identify the exact source of the problem. 
>Please read the documentation provided with your FAX server software 
>for more details.
The thing still picks up the phone but doesn't beep, and still opens a 
line to dial but doesn't.

I have a problem using efax-gtk and getting a log.

Efax on its own, answering the phone, produces...

What do you reckon?

/usr/bin/efax: Wed Apr 18 12:18:49 2007 efax v 0.9 Copyright 1999 Ed Casas
efax: 18:49 compiled Jul 12 2006 04:08:48
efax: 18:49 argv[0]=/usr/bin/efax
efax: 18:49 argv[1]=-v
efax: 18:49 argv[2]=ewin
efax: 18:49 argv[3]=-v
efax: 18:49 argv[4]=chewmainrxtf
efax: 18:49 argv[5]=-d/dev/modem
efax: 18:49 argv[6]=-x
efax: 18:49 argv[7]=/var/lock/LCK..modem
efax: 18:49 argv[8]=-iZ
efax: 18:49 argv[9]=-i&FE&D2S7=120
efax: 18:49 argv[10]=-i&C0
efax: 18:49 argv[11]=-iM1L0
efax: 18:49 argv[12]=-l
efax: 18:49 argv[13]=+0 000 000 0000
efax: 18:49 argv[14]=-kZ
efax: 18:49 argv[15]=-r
efax: 18:49 argv[16]=0418121849
efax: 18:49 created text lock file /var/lock/LCK..modem
efax: 18:49 opened /dev/modem
efax: 18:49 command  "Q0V1"
efax: 18:49 waiting 2.0 s
efax: 18:51 waiting 2.0 s
efax: 18:53 command  "Q0V1"
efax: 18:53 waiting 2.0 s
efax: 18:55 sync: dropping DTR
efax: 18:55 waiting 2.0 s
efax: 18:57 command  "Q0V1"
efax: 18:57 waiting 2.0 s
efax: 18:59 sync: sending escapes
efax: 19:01 waiting 2.0 s
efax: 19:03 command  "Q0V1"
efax: 19:03 waiting 2.0 s
efax: 19:05 Error: sync: modem not responding
efax: 19:05 read HDB pid 2523 [      2523<LF>] from /var/lock/LCK..modem (our pid)
efax: 19:05 removed lock file /var/lock/LCK..modem
efax: 19:05 done, returning 4 (no response from modem)

Best regards
Harvey Coward

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