[hsflinux] HSF as a fax answers the phone but doesn't beep

Harvey Coward harvey at mortgage-advice-centre.co.uk
Thu Apr 19 10:22:25 EDT 2007

In message <46266484.5060301 at linuxant.com>, "Linuxant support 
(Jonathan)" <support at linuxant.com> writes
>it seems that the FAX software is able to open the serial device and 
>send commands but there is no reply. This is typical if the serial 
>device is a physical one on your machine that is connected to nothing.
>In other words, the "/dev/modem" symlink is probably wrong. Either fix 
>the symlink or configure your software to use "/dev/ttySHSF0" instead 
>of "/dev/modem".
I examined the symlink, it looked OK, then using efax-gtk (different 
logging) I tried again (Log is below). It shows the HSF modem being 
used, but then for the avoidance of doubt I asked it to use ttySHF0 - 
with the same result.

>You could also try to use a low-level telecommunication tool like 
>minicom. With that, it will be easier to identify the exact source of 
>the problem as you will be able to manually send 'AT' commands to the 
Do you know of a web link that will show me what commands I am supposed 
to send and what I am looking for?

Beginning fax log at 0801 BST 19 Apr 2007

No serial port device specified in efax-gtkrc configuration file
Using default of /dev/modem

Socket running on port 9900
efax-0.9a: 08:01:45 opened /dev/modem
efax-0.9a: 08:01:46 using hsfmodem- in class 1
efax-0.9a: 08:01:46 waiting for activity
efax-0.9a: 08:02:21 activity detected
efax-0.9a: 08:02:30 fax call answered
efax-0.9a: 08:02:43 Error: timed out after waiting
efax-0.9a: 08:02:48 Warning: timed out after waiting
efax-0.9a: 08:02:51 Error: timed out after command: +FTH=3
efax-0.9a: 08:02:56 Warning: timed out after command: H
efax-0.9a: 08:02:30 sent CSI - answering ID
efax-0.9a: 08:02:48 received CSI - answering ID
efax-0.9a: 08:03:03 sync: dropping DTR
efax-0.9a: 08:03:07 sync: sending escapes

*** Stopping send/receive session ***

Best regards
Harvey Coward

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