[hsflinux] Modem-on-Hold functionality

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Wed Apr 25 15:27:57 EDT 2007


the modem on hold functionality is currently not a priority for Linuxant 
at the moment.

The API should be in place for this feature, but it has not been really 
tested. In the generic TAR package, you should check at these files:


for hints on how to use that API.

You should also experiment with the 'hsfdiag' tool to know how to 
receive events from the driver. You can build this tool with the 'make 
hsfdiag' command in the 'diag' directory of the driver source tree. You 
can use this tool with the './hsfdiag -v' command and the events will be 
sent to stdout. For example, you could try to dial or receive a call 
while './hsfdiag -v' is running to see how it works.


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Mark Cote wrote:
> Hi, I am in the process of converting my mother to use Linux instead of
> Windows.  So far so good, except for one thing--she lives in the country
> and relies on dial-up, so she uses one of those MOH programs for windows
> like Internet Call Manager to let her know if someone is calling her.
> I see that the Linuxant FAQ says that support for v.92 and MOH is in the
> driver but it is lacking a GUI app.  Is Linuxant still planning to write
> this app?  If not, is the interface to the MOH functions public, such
> that I could write the GUI app?  If so, is there any documentation about
> the interface available?  I haven't checked the source much yet, as I'm
> just wondering at this stage if it's possible.
> Thanks,
> Mark Cote
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