[hsflinux] PowerTOP shows HDA Intel using much power

Christophe TROESTLER Christophe.Troestler at umh.ac.be
Tue May 15 21:43:36 EDT 2007


I am the owner of 2 full licences for HSF modem drivers since several
years (for 2 laptops).  Today I discovered the PowerTOP utility
(http://www.linuxpowertop.org/) and ran it on my Dell Latitude D820.
To my surprise, I get the following picture:

 24.0% (258.0)       <interrupt> : HDA Intel
 17.8% (191.0)       firefox-bin : schedule_timeout (process_timeout)
 13.5% (144.8)       <interrupt> : nvidia
 12.3% (132.0)       <interrupt> : i8042
 12.0% (129.0)      khsfd/azsoar : schedule_timeout (process_timeout)
  4.4% (47.4)          modprobe : cnxthsf_OsCreatePeriodicTimer (TimeOutHandler)
  4.2% (45.4)              Xorg : schedule_timeout (process_timeout)
  3.1% (33.0)              Xorg : do_setitimer (it_real_fn)
  1.4% (14.8)           fluxbox : schedule_timeout (process_timeout)

Clearly, the HSF modem is eating much power through first the HDA
Intel interrupts (this does not happen if I use the alsa module of the
kernel but also through khsfd and the
cnxthsf_OsCreatePeriodicTimer -- a total of 40% !  Are there any plans
for the power consumption to be improved?  (About half an hour of
battery life can be gained this way I think.)


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