[hsflinux] HSF modem drivers load, but can't talk to modem

Mike Russo miker at readq.com
Mon Jun 11 11:28:09 EDT 2007

Hey -
    just wanted everyone to know that the problem turned out to be that
I was plugging in this modem to the front USB ports of my Dell PowerEdge
2850 server -- and when I plugged the modem into one of the back ports,
it was recognized immediately!  hopefully this will help anyone else
having a similar problem (cos it drove me nuts!).

Mike Russo wrote:
> After installing the 16K stack kernel and rebuilding the drivers, I
> still seem to be having the same problem.  Attached is the hsfdiag.txt
> report.  Are there any motherboard BIOS options relating to the USB
> controller that I should look to set? If I can get the driver working
> I'll certainly buy licenses ( need the support and the 56k functionality!)
> Linuxant support (Jonathan) wrote:
>> Hi,
>> the driver is having serious problems, you can take a look at 'dmesg'
>> to see the error messages generated.
>> The HSF driver is known to require more than 4K of kernel stacks to
>> operate correctly on some setups. The kernel you are using only have
>> 4K of stacks, so it is a possible source of the problem. You should
>> try with one of the replacement kernels (compiled with 16K stacks) we
>> have available at:

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ReadQ Systems, Inc.
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