[hsflinux] Modem-on-hold event flow

Mark Cote mcote at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Jun 12 04:12:04 EDT 2007

Hello again.  I have a further question about the modem-on-hold feature.
The control function succeeded when I set the ENABLE_MOH code, but the
configuration didn't.  A busy signal was still heard when a call came in
while the modem was connected.  No interesting diagnostic messages were
produced either.  Do I need to be running this as root?

I forgot to ask originally: do I need a full licensed version of the
driver to access MOH functions?  My mother does not want to buy one if
MOH cannot be supported, and since at this point I do not know if it is
possible I too am reluctant to purchase one.  If it is not required then
I have a further question on the exact expected event flow of the MOH
operation.  I believe I have a good idea, and I can figure out the
details myself, but it would be useful to have the main idea confirmed
so I know I'm on the right track.

Would it be something like this?

Enable MOH (CSDIAG_CTRL_MOH_ENABLE command code)
Wait for remote request (CSDIAG_MOH_REMOTE_REQUEST)
Inform user and ask for decision
Answer remote request with a local decision 
... and possibly a bit more negotiation.

I am also awaiting an answer to my previous question, copied for your
convenience at the end of this email.

If the MOH features are in fact entirely functional and compatible with
my mother's ISP/phone company, I fully intend to finish this project; I
myself have over 5 years' professional C++ development experience.  I am
looking for a new project for my spare time, and I think this would be a
useful one.  I will release the results publicly and for free, meaning
that Linux users will have even more reason to use Linuxant.  However if
I am to do this I will occasionally need questions answered when the
code is not documented or particularly confusing.  I do not wish to be
bothersome and will attempt to keep them short and concise.  Contact
with a developer would be even better.  I realize I am not a normal
support call, but I think with minimal effort and expenditure Linuxant
could fully support MOH.  

Thanks in advance,

My original question:

What is the difference between control codes (CNXT_DIAG_CTRL_CODES) and
configure codes (CNXT_DIAG_CFG_CODES)?  There is an MOH_ENABLE code
(which I presume I need to enable) in both the control and the configure
codes, and a few other codes seem to be duplicated, which has confused
me a little bit.

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