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according to:


the ALSA code currently used by the HSF driver was taken from ALSA 
mercurial (hg) at about Apr 15 2007, so the code is only 2 months old at 
the moment of this writing.

We will continue to sync our code with the latest code ALSA in the future.


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Lewis Hopfe wrote:
> A couple of  months back I had written about how the HSF driver had 
> altered the volume controls on my hp 2315. Prior to intalling the HSF
> driver in Fedora 6 there were 2 volume controls in my mixer panel - 1
> for the headset and the other for the speakers. Installation of the
> HSF 
> driver left me with one control. However, plugging in the earphone, 
> which typically turns the speakers off on other systems, did not on
> my 
> hp so sound would play through the earphones as well as the speakers.
> Somebody on the board here supplied me with a patch to correct this
> and 
> I was fine.
> Last week I installed Fedora 7.  With the new install I guess there
> is 
> some new ALSA code and there is a single volume control in the mixer 
> panel. However, with this volume control there was proper behavior.
> That 
> is when the headphones are plugged in the speakers turn off and the 
> volume controller adjusted the levels in the headset.  Yesterday, I 
> installed the HSF driver for the modem. It installed properly and the
> modem works with F7. Unfortunately, it must be using the older ALSA
> code 
> as it behaves much like before with a single controller and sound
> coming 
> out of both the headphones and the speakers.
> I suppose I could try to patch again and go with two volume
> controllers, 
> but I was wondering if Linuxant is going to merge the latest ALSA
> stuff 
> in anytime soon? Since the latest ALSA stuff appears to handle my 
> problem this appears to be the best course of action. However, if
> this 
> isn't going to happen for a while, I might just be better off
> patching...
> Thanks,
> Lewis
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