[hsflinux] hsf-modem

Linuxant support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Thu Jun 28 16:32:19 EDT 2007


we are aware that the driver, while it is idle, still generates a lot of 
activity in the kernel, reducing the chances that the CPU will be put in 
low power more in order to save battery. We took a look at this issue 
and a proper fix is far from trivial unfortunately. Part of the problem 
is related to the ring detection feature. We hope that it will be 
improved in a future version of the driver.

We improve suspend support in the driver from time to time, if we are 
able to reproduce this problem on our development systems, it will 
probably be fixed in a future version. A new 'dumpdiag' generated by 
'hsfconfig --dumpdiag' using the latest version of the driver might help 
our developers reproduce the problem. This dump should be sent directly 
to support at linuxant.com.

As a workaround for both problems, you could use the 'hsfstop' command 
in a root shell.


Technical specialist / Linuxant
support at linuxant.com

Dieter Jurzitza wrote:
> Dear listmembers,
> recently I turned my hsf-modem off. The reasons are twofold:
> 1.) the hsf-driver creates tons of interrupts in battery operation mode, 
> thereby significantly shortening the battery life,
> 2.) the modified audio modules are not suspend2disk / suspend2ram capable.
> One of them is bad enough, both are showstoppers (for me ...). Is there any 
> hope for progress / improvement?
> Thank you for your feedback,
> take care
> Dieter Jurzitza

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