[hsflinux] Does hsf driver work on AMD machines?

David Westbury pe8453 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 9 17:18:44 EDT 2007

I seem to recall reading somewhere on the linuxant site that the hsf drivers only work with Pentium processors? Is that right?

My computer (emachines M5414) has an AMD Sempron processor. The linuxant installer detected my conexant modem and installed the hsf driver without any complaints.  I used minicom to access the modem. Everything seems fine as far as the "AT" commands are concerned. But the modem won't dial or connect. Is this because it's an AMD system?  Is there any hope for getting linuxant to work on my computer?

When I enter "atdt <phone number>" I get "ok". Sometimes I get "NO CARRIER"


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