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actually, the documentation states that the voice feature is not 
supported at all for HSF modems:


The HSF driver doesn't expose the modem functionalities through ALSA, 
however, it is possible that you could trick the driver to record 
arbitrary sound on the phone line. The digital call progress sound is 
sent to the user land to be played through the speakers, this is done by 
the /sbin/hsfdcpd PERL script. It is possible that with a clever use of 
AT commands could be used to record audio that way.

AT commands supported by the driver is documented in the PDF document 
available at the bottom of this page:


Detection of the phone ringing can also be done using the serial device. 
There is more detail in the document mentioned above.


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Ben Smith wrote:
> I successfully installed the HSF drivers and the modem dials and such.
> Thanks for making all that available.  The main thing I'm interested
> in, though, is using the voice functionality of the modem.  I haven't
> been able to get that working and the documentation makes no
> guarantees that it will work.
> I was wondering if there's a way to make the drivers treat the modem
> as an ordinary alsa sound device (no AT commands).  If so, how does
> one tell the modem to go on and off hook and detect when the phone
> rings?
> Thanks,
> --Ben
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