[hsflinux] my hayes usb does not always work on boot

René hsflinux at tecnoaccion.com.ar
Wed Aug 22 14:11:55 EDT 2007

Mike Russo escribió:
> You should also check out /var/log/messages for any USB related log
> messages.  I was having a similar problem, and looking up the error
> messages on the internet (specifically the linux-usb.org FAQ) I found
> that turning ACPI off (through the use of the acpi=off kernel boot
> parameter) made the modem work flawlessly.
these are the errors i'm having:
Aug 22 13:04:04 debian kernel: /usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/osusb.c: 
CD2_GET_INFROMATION returned error -71
Aug 22 13:04:04 debian kernel: 
/usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/cnxthwusb_common.c: Firmware download failed
Aug 22 13:04:04 debian kernel: 
/usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/cnxthwusb_common.c: CommInterface already claimed

they are all triggered by the hsfmodem driver, i don't see usb related 
errors in the logs...

otherwise, the modem work flawlessly, just not on boot, but after 
replugging it

i tried acpi=off, just in case, but that didn't work either


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