[hsflinux] ACPI/APIC problem with POWEROFF after installing HSF driver.

Szob szob at gazeta.pl
Fri Sep 7 11:54:47 EDT 2007


First, thanks for your prompt answer.

> for HDA modems, the HSF driver has to disable all the HDA related
> modules from the original kernel and it provides it's own version of these
> modules.  

Yes, I noticed that.

> In other words, it can affect a HDA sound device and it's
> great that in your case, it did solve a problem.

Yes. Seems like your modules are more mature than those of the current release 
of ALSA.

> For the suspend problem, if you use the 'hsfstop' command in a root
> shell before suspending, does it solve the problem?

In fact, it DOES solve the problem! Such a simple solution!

I added this command to my rc.local_shutdown script and tested it, and it 
works perfectly. It unloads all the modules and kills all the processes using 
these modules, thus resolving the hardware resource conflict.

> Why exactly do you think if could be an IRQ related problem?

From the warnings during boot and from the dmesg message. 

I got this:

PCI quirk: region 1000-107f claimed by ICH6 ACPI/GPIO/TCO

and theb this:

ACPI: PCI Interrupt Link [LNKF] (IRQs 11) *0, disabled.

I do not know for sure it is related to the IRQ conflict, but I suspect it is 
so, since I found similar reports on the net and they all blamed it on the 
IRQ handling by APIC.

Anyhow, thanks for the help!


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