[hsflinux] Crash report on amd64, intel hda

Ludovico Cavedon cavedon at sssup.it
Mon Oct 8 01:22:49 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I have a Conexant modem hosted on HDA Intel sound card, installed on a
HP Pavilion dv2570 laptop.

I am using Ubuntu gutsy amd64, with a 2.6.23-rc8 vanilla kernel.

I bought the full license.

However I am often experiencing a system freeze when connected (not
always, but very likely in a 10 min connection).

It did not happen before the upgrade, but, as long I just did 2
connections, I can not be sure that this problem does not affect 14k.

Here you can find:
-"hsfconfig --dumpdiag" output

-kernel config

-photo of kernel messages (unfortunately the kernel dies afterwards :(

Please feel free to ask any other information I can provide you.

Thank you!

Ludovico Cavedon

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