[hsflinux] Crash report on amd64, intel hda

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Mon Oct 8 19:03:03 EDT 2007


for the uninstall issue, we are not aware of that. What was the error 
when you attempted to manually load the sound driver? Did you check with 
a mixer that it was not a problem with a muted or volume too low 
channel? Did you attempted to manually install ALSA while the HSF driver 
was installed?

Version of the driver is out, you could try it to see if 
there is a difference. You could also try out the init. strings I have 
suggested to Ludovico as well:

AT &F W1 +ER=1; +DR=1; +MS=V92,0
AT &F W1 +ER=1; +DR=1; +MS=V92,1
AT &F W1 +ER=1; +DR=1; +MS=V90,0
AT &F W1 +ER=1; +DR=1; +MS=V90,1
AT &F W1 +ER=1; +DR=1; +MS=V34,0
AT &F W1 +ER=1; +DR=1; +MS=V34,1
AT &F W1 +ER=1; +DR=1; +MS=V32B,0
AT &F W1 +ER=1; +DR=1; +MS=V32B,1
AT &F W1 +ER=1; +DR=1; +MS=V32,0
AT &F W1 +ER=1; +DR=1; +MS=V32,1


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Lewis Hopfe wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm on Fedora 7 with 2.6.22 kernel and a similar amd64 hp
> notebook(dv2315) and soundcard/modem. I can report similar behavior
> on my machine. Most times it would hang completely with no mention in
> the logs about the freeze up. On a couple of occasions the browser
> would appear to be waiting and waiting. Gradually my system would
> become unresponsive and fail. One these occasions there was a memory
> protection fault in the log around the time of failure. 
> The real adventure for me was uninstalling the driver. The uninstall
> appeared to take, but pretty much hosed my sound system. Sometimes it
> looked like it was working, but nothing came out of the speakers.
> Other times the driver wouldn't load either at boot or manually. The
> only solution was to rebuild my system from scratch which restored
> the sound system. Unfortunately, I didn't keep the log showing the
> memory protection fault. Sorry.
> I don't know what to say about the modem issue. I'm pretty sure my
> uninstall adventure was related to the alsa drivers and the fickle
> nature of this soundcard with linux. In any event, I'm going to wait
> for a new version of the driver before attempting to use the modem
> again.
> Hope things smooth out for you.
> Lewis
> --- Ludovico Cavedon <cavedon at sssup.it> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have a Conexant modem hosted on HDA Intel sound card, installed
>> on a
>> HP Pavilion dv2570 laptop.
>> I am using Ubuntu gutsy amd64, with a 2.6.23-rc8 vanilla kernel.
>> I bought the full license.
>> However I am often experiencing a system freeze when connected (not
>> always, but very likely in a 10 min connection).
>> It did not happen before the upgrade, but, as long I just did 2
>> connections, I can not be sure that this problem does not affect
>> 14k.
>> Here you can find:
>> -"hsfconfig --dumpdiag" output
>> http://allievi.sssup.it/~cavedon/hsfconfig-dumpdiag.txt.gz
>> -kernel config
>> http://allievi.sssup.it/~cavedon/config-2.6.23-rc8.gz
>> -photo of kernel messages (unfortunately the kernel dies afterwards
>> :(
>> http://allievi.sssup.it/~cavedon/hsf-crash.jpg
>> Please feel free to ask any other information I can provide you.
>> Thank you!
>> Regards,
>> Ludovico Cavedon
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